Top 10: the Best Smartphones in Camera

10. Asus Zenfone 5Z

Asus has been, for a few years now, staying in the top 10 photo of smartphones. Without being the mark of choice for photographers, Asus has always tried to stand out either through the periscopic zoom (a failure) or here with its second camera module. Rather than opting for a telephoto lens, the Taiwanese has chosen the ultra-wide-angle lens LG way. But the camera module of Asus is of much better quality: it is a good choice for the amateurs of landscapes. It is logically set back in pure image quality and in AF, but it has quite its place in this top 10. Note finally that Asus is planning an important update this summer to improve photo quality. Case to follow.

09. Honor 10

The strength of the Honor 10 is its autofocus: if its image quality and its management of digital noise are, logically, behind the terminals much more expensive (it costs only 399 €), it is however super reagent. It is the third fastest camera in daylight and the fifth in low light: an excellent performance given its price. Its IA mode is also, surprisingly, much smarter than the P20 Pro (until the next update of the latter?). A device as pretty as financially accessible.

08. Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia is back! Like “the good old days”, the Finnish brand finds its place in the Top 10 of the photo, thanks to a good composition autofocus and an effective software interface. Inheriting former engineers of Nokia and Microsoft (the offices of HMD which holds the rights of the brand in telephony are right in front of those of Nokia in Finland …), this smartphone delivers a treatment of the colors warmer than with the competition Asian. Too bad its price is so high: the OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S are more powerful and cheaper.

07. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Equally equal to its big brother iPhone X – the AF of the latter is a bit faster – the iPhone 8 Plus is a solid terminal in the photo including excellent results … in low light! Strangely enough, both iPhones offer AF and average image processing in daylight, but they are both champions of low-light focusing and their digital noise is well under control. On the other hand, the colors and the fineness of the details are well set back: the reds are strongly desaturated and the image processing lacks finesse.

05 ex aequo. Apple iPhone X

Brother almost twin iPhone 8 Plus, it differs technically from it only by the best brightness of the second camera module (f / 2.4 on the iPhone X against f / 2.8 for the iPhone 8 Plus). In fact, the only small difference is a remarkably fast AF on the iPhone 10. Champion of the development in low and very low light – he is the first of the competition in this area – he does not offers unfortunately not the best image quality of the competition. Blame it on an image processing that smooths too much detail and lacks finesse.

05 ex aequo. OnePlus 6

Last of the previous Top 10 with its 5T, OnePlus progresses well with this OnePlus 6. If the technical basis is similar – double camera module of the same focal length, the second module serving as a digital crutch in the first – the software part is better. Much better: the AF is much more percussive, the optical defects (chromatic aberrations) absent and the colors just with the necessary heat. Autofocus is still the weak point of the terminal, but it remains largely satisfactory for normal use. Although limited in wide angle, we note that the portrait mode (soft background software generated) provides a very good rendering. And we also appreciate the very moderate price of the device: it is matched with the iPhone X which costs twice as much!

04. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Here is the big surprise of this Top 10! To be honest, we did not expect much, we even thought that among the 15 test terminals, it would be part of the 5 devices recalibrated. Far from it: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S offers one of the best image quality in daylight, just behind the HTC U12 + and in front of Samsung and others. The level of detail is impressive, as well as the fineness of the details or the homogeneity of optics – it has the best ranking on our test pattern! It’s not a fake sample – we’ve done a lot of checking – but just a stroke of genius from Xiaomi who actually makes great products. The brand still has progress in autofocus (only 7th) and treatment of picture in very low light. But the overall picture quality – especially the natural colors – is really impressive, especially at this price!

03. HTC U12 +

True to its reputation since the U11, HTC is at the top of the image quality whether in daylight, sights, high or low light. His fault? A neurasthenic autofocus – it’s the worst terminal in this field, day and night. If the score is far from catastrophic – it is a classification and not notes – it must still keep in mind if you are a street photographer, babies or puppies excited. But if you’re looking for absolute image sharpness and the best optical quality, the U12 + is the best of the competition.

02. Huawei P20 Pro

Previously accustomed to the last steps (he had never passed the 7th place), Huawei marks with his P20 Pro his arrival among the big picture. The Chinese company is not only listening to all the critics – we have already met its engineers who take notes of each grievance – but in addition it has developed here a device really different from the competition (read The Huawei P20 Pro can it replace your camera on vacation? ). Its three camera modules of 40 Mpix, 20 Mpix and 8 Mpix which produce, finally, images of 10 Mpix by default are the masterful demonstration of what promises the visual computing. Without real weakness, the P20 Pro offers an image processing sometimes a bit too pronounced (smoothing), but still effective. The AI ​​mode is currently completely zero but the functions like the night photo (4s exposure for a sharp picture even on mobile subjects!) Are formidable! And in broad daylight, its equivalent 80 mm f / 2.8 offers the most narrow and interesting portraits of the competition.

01. Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Very good all the way, the Galaxy S9 + has no real weakness – except the software interface of its photo application, too nervous: we change too often of fashion without wanting. By far the fastest camera in the competition, it is also the prince of low lights: not only does it miss the focus, but in addition the image is clear and without too much digital noise. Very classic in the approach and not as innovative as a P20 Pro, it is required by the great electronic control of Samsung, especially in terms of sensor with the famous Dual Pixel. A technology that allows Samsung to take the lead in our top 10 Photo since the launch of … Galaxy S7! If you’re looking for a larger device with a stylus, the Galaxy Note 8, number 1 of the previous Top 10,