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A relatively new profession and still little known, the virtual assistant becomes more democratic and attracts more and more companies . Specifically, the latter works remotely at your service, without physical contact. It can easily be said that, for the 21st century, the virtual assistant is replacing the traditional secretary , which is becoming increasingly rare in the business community. Rather than using an employee to send letters and perform various administrative tasks, companies rely on the virtual assistant to outsource their secretarial office and thus save money in the year. Today, some companies specializing in virtual assistant ships offer non-binding contracts which clearly encourages businesses to turn to them.

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The help provided by the Virtual Assistant – or VA (Virtual Assistant)

Often called “VA” (initials of the term “Virtual Assistant”), the virtual assistant is completely available to you. However, he is not physically present at your side: he works online with you . You can give it a wide variety of tasks, the only condition being that they can, without any problem, be done remotely.

More versatile than a secretary , the virtual assistant supports you in different stages of your work. For example, it can manage your newsletters , remove subscribers and even send them regularly following your request. It can also search for business contacts or individuals , to provide lists for prospecting, for example. If you are planning a business trip, the virtual assistant can help you in the organization: you indicate your budget – and he is responsible for finding the hotels, the means of transport, all while respecting your guidelines . In some cases, the virtual assistant may also agree to make phone calls himself. You can give him the access your mail to find files and classify them on cloud systems, or, in some cases, to respond to customer requests.

The Virtual Assistant Websites

On the web, various virtual assistantships flourish over time. The latter sometimes offer different specialties, depending on the needs of the customer. If you manage an e-commerce , the VA will be able to provide customer support, carry out logistics work or manage your digital marketing. If you are an overworked contractor , a personal assistant will be able to check your inbox and reply to messages, keep your calendar and help you with different administrative arrangements that you can easily delegate. In a more technical area, the virtual assistant sometimes has very special skills and can, thus, do data entry or encoding. Finally, to manage your recruitment and assist your HR manager, the VA will manage the receipt of CVs and letters of motivation or generate profiles of candidates to optimize your recruitment methods.

How to choose your Virtual Assistant?

While more and more companies are abandoning the idea of hiring a secretary , they are more interested in virtual assistant solutions. However, in view of the variety of offers available, it is important to find a competent assistant, able to meet all of your needs.

As a first step, be sure to choose a contact who respects confidentiality . Indeed, in the professional world, it is important that your assistant works with you with confidence, without disclosing information to a third party.

In addition, do not hesitate to look for an assistant specialized in your field of activity , who will know more easily your needs and will be able, in the best cases, to anticipate some of your requests.

Other criteria may be relevant in choosing the virtual assistant, depending on your working world. For example, if you are at the heart of a company working a lot internationally, it is essential to use a VA bilingual or multilingual, fluent in the languages ​​in which you used to work. In a completely different spirit, if you use complex software in your organization on a daily basis, it is relevant to choose a VA capable of intervening on these programs. In general, do not hesitate to request a test phase or subscribe to an offer without commitment, to change the assistant if you notice that the service is not up to your expectations.

Why invest in a virtual Assistant?

It is particularly useful to use a virtual assistant, even if you have budget problems . Specifically, it can help you out of a difficult situation thanks to its organizational capacity and its ease, for example, to solve cash management problems. In addition, if you are in a delicate situation, using a virtual assistant will take some stress away and allow you, more generally, to have more time to focus on your real goals , by delegating what comes under administrative.