The Top 10 Cameras of 2016

The world of photography has given birth to many quality boxes in the last 12 months: 4K video comes in the compact, autofocus are ultra-fast and the image definition goes up to 50 Mpix. Compact vitamins, APS-C SLR with crazy bursts, full-format sensor housings for landscapes or hybrid reportage, you make your choice. The best of this category according to your votes: the Nikon D500 .

Fujifilm X-T2

Beautiful, well built, fast, versatile and feature-rich, the X-T2 is Fujifilm’s deadly weapon to win the Hybrid battle. Revolution welcome, this hybrid camera is finally gifted video.

Sony Alpha A7R Mark II

With its full-size 42-megapixel sensor, the Sony A7R MkII high-end hybrid surpasses the professional SLR in many areas, including video. Only reproaches: a high price and voluminous optics.

Fujfilm X-Pro 2

More responsive, more robust and more advanced than the first version, the X-Pro 2 hybrid proves the maturity of the Fujifilm X mount. Intended for reporters, its optical viewfinder allows it to enjoy the beautiful fixed focal lengths of Fuji.

Nikon D500

D500 is Nikon’s first professional Nikon APS-C SLR camera with focus and frame rate. A robust and very well-finished device that changes the game in sport and nature photography.

Ricoh Pentax K-1

Ricoh is back in the DSLR race with its first 24×36 full format sensor model. The Pentax K-1 is an almost unbeatable value for money, with unique technologies (especially Astrotracer).

Leica SL

For the first time in decades Leica is launching a new full-frame sensor camera, the SL. In addition to the excellent responsiveness and extraordinary viewfinder, we must celebrate the quality of video encoding in 4K, exemplary.

Panasonic Lumix GX80

Nice, versatile, compact and not too expensive, the hybrid Lumix GX80 combines so many qualities that it represents a near perfect balance. Equipped with a stabilized sensor, it can take full advantage of Panasonic’s expertise in video.

Sony RX100 Mark IV

Complete and powerful, the Sony RX100 Mark IV is a high-end compact that offers, in a pocket format, image quality, photo as video, close to the SLR. Only flaw: it is really expensive. Too expensive ?

Canon PowerShot G5X

After iterations of PowerShot G models disappointing, Canon takes back the hair of the beast and sign, with this G5X, a true compact expert which makes you want to baroudder. On the menu, an exemplary construction and optics at the top.

Panasonic Lumix TZ100

Between the compact expert with its large sensor and the compact trip with its 10x zoom the Lumix TZ100 is, as in his time the TZ1, precursor of a new genre, as at home in the photo as in video – 4K of race!