Technologies Improve in our lives

Technologies are part of our lives. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects such as the misuse of social networks, the excessive use of cell phones among young people or the violation of privacy by blogs or social networks, we should rather learn about the usefulness of these when they are well led and all that they can bring so that our society develops more. If everyone was really interested in the Internet and knew how to use it, no one would be afraid. In any field, there are abuses, but if we learn to use them properly, I think we could know the various functions to protect ourselves and also to know the limits.

Can we say today that technology, no matter at what point in our lives, has saved us a lot of time and made it much easier for us? I think so. The technologies make it possible to get closer, to facilitate the communication and they bring us all the necessary information directly in our living room. For my part, I would not be ready to start writing my work by hand, to have only a phone that can not move in the house, to listen to my shows on a small television without color and especially can not communicate with my friends who come from outside by mail. Technology makes it much easier and will never stop growing.

Finally, technologies are present in our lives and they will continue to amaze us with the quality and speed of its functions. They improve our lives by the amount of information open to all, they inform about everything that happens everywhere in the world, they lead us in the decision making and allow to update easily. In education, technologies help the teacher in his teaching materials, they also give him the chance to go further in his projects with his students.

They also give him the opportunity to work in collaboration with other schools without moving, to communicate with his students more easily. Technology in education makes it possible to go beyond the limits, to move towards real and meaningful learning situations for students. It can even travel students around the world through social networks. It is also important to demonstrate the importance of new technologies and their use in everyday life so that there is less abuse and young people know the limits of each. There will always be crooks and fraudsters, it is not with the arrival of technologies that they have manifested themselves. By knowing the standards, we will limit the exposure of personal data and reduce the damage. Students need to know the usefulness of the media in everyday life so that they in turn can use it properly. Technology improves our lives by its speed, accessibility and ease of enrichment,