Dangerous, doping, quick results, questions and stereotypes are many about the boosters and their real interests. In this article, I’m going to explain to you whether to take a booster, what’s the use, how it is composed and what are the effects! We will then see what booster to take!


There are several types of booster in the field of sport and bodybuilding. All are of course legal and it is in no way doping. These are nutritional supplements whose objective is to boost, to increase your results. But depending on the type of booster, the way to act is different to boost your muscle growth:

The sensible NO boosters increase muscle congestion and muscle growth during exercise. If the effect on the moment seems to be accepted, the long-term impact remains difficult to prove.

The isotonic drinks rather suited to endurance sports, their goal is to keep your energy by giving your body the nutrients removed during the effort. They are mostly composed of carbohydrates and minerals.

The testosterone boosters . And yes, testosterone helps muscle gain and, if men are better endowed, women have it too. This type of booster will not have much interest for most practitioners.

The booster pre-workout or pre-training. Their goal is to give you a boost of energy for your session and consists of most of the time caffeine. The idea is that if you have more energy, you will give yourself a real boost and therefore you will work better and burn more calories. It is in this category that the Booster Women’s Best is located and more generally, when you hear about “Booster”, it is this type of booster. It’s a little red bull training to caricature a little.

For most fitness practitioners, most boosters will have limited interest. Nevertheless, the pre-workout booster is surely the one that can be the most interesting. In addition, while most supplements have no immediate effect and long-term effects, pre-workout boosters have an immediate effect.


So how does the pre-workout booster work? It’s simple they contain exciting molecules like caffeine, theine or guarana. The effect will be a little the same as when you have drunk too much Red Bull or coffee: less feeling of tiredness, more energy, you will want to give everything during your session! Add to that a good high-speed Playlist (Find here my special gluteal playlist ) and you’re off for an intense session! But be careful, these products are quite strong and, if you are particularly sensitive, there will be adverse effects. It is sometimes tingling under the skin (usually due to Beta-Alanine), uncomfortable but harmless and that dissipates after a few minutes. But as for an overdose of coffee, one can also feel palpitations, hypertension, headaches, insomnia, etc.

In short, the pre workout boosters are not to be taken lightly . Read the composition well and adjust the quantities according to your sensitivity. In any case, if you feel the side effects, do not insist on this booster. Most side effects will disappear very quickly once your body has assimilated. But in case of problems, do not hesitate to talk to a professional.

Remember, supplements are not mandatory to achieve your goals. Above all , nutrition, training and perseverance are the key .

Whether you’re sensitive to the ingredients of your booster or not, it’s still a supplement to use occasionally. During a period of fatigue, low calorie intake (if you are dry for example, it will compensate for the lack of energy due to your low caloric intake), this type of booster can be interesting. But do not take them in cure or daily. You would get used to the ingredients and have to increase the doses to continue to feel the effects which could have particularly harmful effects in the medium term.