Levers of digital marketing – Gifography

  • SEO
  • SEA
  • SMO
  • Content marketing
  • affiliation
  • emailing
  • Retargeting / Remarketing
  • RTB


SEO is to optimize your site to appear in the search engines (Google) on ‘keywords’ (keyword in US) well targeted. The goal is to improve the site’s traffic, its positions and the ROI by measuring the performance of the KPIS


The SEA or Search Engine Advertising , indicates advertising on the search engines: Adwords or Bing Ads for example. These are sponsored links paid for by clicks on these ads and based on the auction system. We then choose the “keywords” on which we want to position ourselves and according to the competition and auctions we pay to “cpc”, cost per click.


These are social networks simply! Today networks are a potential source of huge traffic, the targeting possibilities are impressive and social networks are moving more and more towards the sale of advertising space. It’s also an essential way of communicating with your customers and getting to know your prospects.

Contests are a great way to boost your community, build loyalty and gain more fans.


content marketing is an integral part of inbound marketing, this practice aims to provide prospects with useful and relevant content. Participants at the same time to the improvement of SEO. They are not wrong, writing is in any case essential on the web, you will not be able to escape, whatever your sector or your business, no content strategy will certainly be put in place.


This is a marketing lever less known, but that can be formidable according to your business! We promote your ecommerce site on a large network of thematic sites via banners, pop-up, sponsored links, coupons, etc.

Compensation varies by site, but most of the time is based on performance. You pay a commission after sale. Discover the webmarketing strategy of one of our beloved customers!


Sending emailing is part of a customer loyalty and recovery strategy. The objectives are multiple; promote the brand, create a link with its customers, promote a product, relay its articles / news, take advantage of special offers, etc. An emailing campaign requires having a qualified database. To increase its database you can activate other marketing levers. Encourage visitors to the site to register for your comic book, make contests, retrieve mail addresses in stores, buy databases, etc. It will then be necessary to observe your statistics of opening and clicks to progressively qualify your database. And make it clean, clean and efficient.

Well conducted, an email campaign is often very successful and notes conversion rates for e-commerce often very interesting. Why deprive yourself? Be careful, however, not to abuse commercial newsletters, at the risk of boring your customers. Alter between promo offers, company info and exclusive offers to subscribers. Take the opportunity to discover our tips to make your newsletter a success !


Retargeting is a formidable weapon to improve your conversion rate and your ROI! It will make the most of your work on other levers of traffic acquisition. If you work in SEO, your traffic will naturally progress, your sales will certainly, but do you know that the 3/4 of Internet users will never come back after their visit! Follow them, pack them and give them what they want! Today it is possible to relaunch these unfaithful visitors via Facebook with targeted advertising, retarget them via Adwords and relaunch them by email. According to their course on the site and the actions performed. Thanks to the retargeting your customers will not scar you more, you will boost your conversion rate quickly and you save money in acquisition.


Literally “real time bidding” , this is the purchase of digital advertising space on the Display Network with a real-time auction system.

How it works ?

  • A user visits a site (like a truck for example)
  • The impression is put up for auction
  • The advertisers fix their bids
  • The highest bid wins the impression
  • The ad is broadcast on the site