25 Incredible Yoga Poses

We’ve all had someone who seems to be made of rubber in our Yoga class, and let’s face it, we can not help but envy them … It’s inspirational, and it gives us a little knowledge to what years of practice can take us. But, let’s face it: some poses seem really impossible !!

Get ready to impress yourself with these amazing advanced Yoga poses. Would you dare to try them ??

1. Scorpion with Unemployment.

(Handstand Scorpion)

Hand stops are already difficult, but when you add a back extension, it can be too challenging for most people. If you want to try it, start leaning on the wall!

2. Pose Paloma Rey.

(King Pigeon Pose)

This is a back extension! This pose doubles people more than they would like.

3. Crow in Half Lotus.

(Half Lotus Crow)

Have you ever thought about making the crow with your legs in Half Lotus?

4. Headrest with extended arms.

(Iron Cross Headstand)

This is an extreme investment! Definitely not a pose for anyone, but if you like challenges, here are the instructions to do it.

5. Scorpion with broken tail.

(Scorpion With a Broken Tail)

The arm stops are already difficult, and bending your knees and resting your feet on your head in Scorpio is even more difficult, but this creative variant is definitely more challenging. Would you try?

6. Linkage Pose of the Chakras.

(Chakra Bond Pose)

This leads to the pose of the “Spider” to another level that many are not willing or able to do.

7. Bow with the big toe.

(Big Toe Bow)

The pose of the bow, many of us are willing to try, but this advanced variation where you take from the toes makes your back arches so much that it can feel like it is splitting in two.

8. Peacock


Although this pose looks very cute, it is not for everyone … Does not it seem as if your wrists were going to bend?

9. Yogi asleep

(Sleeping Yogi)

Both legs behind your head? Sure, she looks at peace in the Sleeping Yogi, but for most of us, this would be painful.

10. Hummingbird


Cute but daring, this balance of arms requires incredibly open hips, and also a great strength of the upper body train.

11. Peacock variant.

(Peacock Variation)

Impossible not to be impressed (and perhaps a little scared) to see this crazy variant of the Peacock. How do you balance your gentleness in that way, and how is it possible that you can bend your legs like that?

12. Firefly B.

(Firefly B)

This variant of the Firefly is amazing! This boy is so bent that his head is behind his legs!

13. Arch with head support and foot up.

(One-Legged Staff)

This head stop and backward extension is no joke!

14. Extension backwards.


Doing the “spider” or “wheel” may not be a problem for you, but falling into that pose while standing? There is a challenge!

15. Crow flying.

(Standing Flying Crow)

It is hard to see, but in this extreme pose of balance of arms, your right foot is planted on your right tricep. It requires incredible strength and hip flexibility.

16. Scorpion lobster.

(Locust Scorpion)

It looks like a pose straight out of Cirque du Soleil! This variation of the lobster is about the flexibility of the back.

17. Lightning raised.

(Lifted Thunderbolt)

Now that’s having a flexible back!

18. Plank on the side with the leg behind the head.

(Leg Behind the Head Sage)

The side plank is a pose that works the center and the upper part of the body, but wait … this guy has a leg behind his head no ?? A cute, but intense pose!

19. Split of Ballerina.

(Dancer Split)

The pose of the dancer is considered by many to be an extension of the back, but if you stretch the leg up towards a split, it is a great stretch for your hamstrings.

20. Bow with head stop.

(Headstand Bow)

A part stop head, another part extension back, this pose may be too hard for some.

21. Paro de Cabeza en Loto.

(Headstand Lotus)

The head stops are already a more advanced pose, but not many would try to bend their legs in a full Lotus while they are on their head.

22. The Frog.

(Frog Pose)

It looks painful, but the Frog pose is a good way to stretch the quadriceps. Would you prove it?

23. Unemployment of head pinching the shoulders.


Balancing on your shoulders and head seems like you’re going to break your neck … but no!

24. Hands Stop in Lotus.

(Handstand Lotus)

can you imagine that you are so balanced on your palms that you can also bend your legs in the Lotus position without using your hands?

25. Pose of the 8 angles.

(Eight Crooked Limbs)

this pose seems to defy gravity. This balance of arms is also an extreme twist. Do you want to try? Here are the instructions.